Today I’m 38 and I’m loving it!

As parents, we celebrate each birthday our kids have, not because we have to but because we want to. It’s a celebration of life and it’s a good reason to do it! But what about the parents? What about those As people, we tend to celebrate our birthdays a lot less as we get older and parents, well, for a lot of us, celebrations for us don’t exist.

There is always a reason not to celebrate.

“I’m not celebrating getting older – basically I’d be celebrating that I’m another year closer to death. Yippe”

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Cookie lovers rejoice! The new fully loaded cookie you must try.

Sweet Flour Bake Shop is home to fresh baked cookies, ready-to-eat and ready-to-bake cookie dough, cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches and more. Whether it’s corporate, special occasion or just because you want a yummy treat, this place has delicious, mouth-watering treats that will have your taste buds going crazy.

From across Toronto to across Canada, Sweet Flour delivers fresh gourmet cookies & baked goods that inspire smiles, friendships, traditions, and above all, memories. From just because to just married, as they believe every moment is worth celebrating.

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2 simple ways to add relaxation into your life.

A large percentage of adults in this world are stressed out and unfortunately, so are kids. I see a lot of posts around the internet telling people simple ways to allow less stress into your life and to ways to destress but a lot of those ways just don’t work because the stress just comes back. I speak of this because I have tried these techniques with fail except for two:

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How my intuition yelled at me and my ask for help was answered.

Below is a story of how I asked the Universe for some desperately needed help and it came to the rescue with UberBike.

As a spiritual person, I am constantly asking the Universe for signs that I’m on the right track but not too often do I ask for help. Sure, I struggle financially here and there and on occasion or one-hundred, I ask for help getting a parking spot closest to the Walmart entrance but generally, I don’t ask for too much help until one night I found myself in a situation where my gut was telling me something was about to happen…

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OMG, you let your son wear a dress? Damn right!

Let kids be kids is a saying I heard a lot of over my life time. Let them laugh, play, make fart jokes and get dirty. Let them fight (not physically) and make mistakes, break toys and eat with their fingers. Let girls wear pants and boys wear dresses. Right?

I choose to live along the lines of the above. My kids can be taught a lot of things but not how to love a certain way or a certain sex.

We shop at Walmart a lot. It’s a way for the kids to run off their energy and for me to shop. Sure I end up spending a bit more than I want to but it all works out for the better in the end. One day we were in the girls section and Kylan says he wants to put a dress on. He pointed to the dress and said,

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An evening of baking with the kids | A surprisingly clean experience

If I want to be honest, I am kind of lazy. In the summer, not so much as I prefer to get outdoors and enjoy the warm weather for three months but otherwise, I have found recently that I want to do as little movement as possible. Can I blame someone? I blame my job. OK done.

I am always trying to think of easy yet fun activities that my kids can be very engaged in. With them being so young, I figured they’d be interested with everything there was in front of them for only a few minutes and the fun was over so I figured, since they like messes, I would just try some simple baking with them that was fun and that I didn’t have to keep lying around the house.

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I feel like a bad parent when I’m happy my kids are gone.

When parents get time to themselves, they are usually elated. No screaming, crying or obnoxious kids running around – you get a break! Raising kids can be tough and you absolutely need time away to recharge. But it’s also an amazing experience and a blessing.

Being a single parent who has my children every day out of the month except one week at Christmas break and every other weekend, I find it draining and somewhat difficult at times. I’m not talking about not being able to go out and have drinks with my co-workers when they send out a WhatsApp message to get together on a Tuesday night, but in general, as they get older, they start to fight, they get into activities, the need more of me yet are more independant, more emotional and want to stay up hours on end all the while I am tried as hell from a 7 AM – 6 PM work life.

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