Cookie lovers rejoice! The new fully loaded cookie you must try.

Sweet Flour Bake Shop is home to fresh baked cookies, ready-to-eat and ready-to-bake cookie dough, cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches and more. Whether it’s corporate, special occasion or just because you want a yummy treat, this place has delicious, mouth-watering treats that will have your taste buds going crazy.

From across Toronto to across Canada, Sweet Flour delivers fresh gourmet cookies & baked goods that inspire smiles, friendships, traditions, and above all, memories. From just because to just married, as they believe every moment is worth celebrating.

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G I V E A W A Y // Tile App: Best Bluetooth tracker for your children

If you have children, losing them in a crown, or anywhere for that matter, is one of the worst feelings in the world. The fear inside of you kids into the highest of all gears and you start panicking and running around screaming for your child.

Being a single parent with a now six year old who is very interested in things and walks ahead and then off to learn more about them and a three year old boy who disappears into thin air after aimlessly following behind, I find it extremely hard. Unless I have one sitting in the cart (who screams when I put him in) so I can have my eye on the other, I am filled with anxiety at all times.

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// G I V E A W A Y // $150.00 AMAZON CARD

If there is something I believe in, it’s SHARING IS CARING! I love giveaways and I love when I am the one that gets to give the stuff away. Also, the celebrate that I am finally creating my blog and sticking to it, I figured I should have a giveaway!

So let’s get straight to the goodies. In order to give everyone a chance to win something, rather than a gift specific to any circumstance, a gift certificate is great because the winner can buy whatever they want!

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