How my intuition yelled at me and my ask for help was answered.

Below is a story of how I asked the Universe for some desperately needed help and it came to the rescue with UberBike.

As a spiritual person, I am constantly asking the Universe for signs that I’m on the right track but not too often do I ask for help. Sure, I struggle financially here and there and on occasion or one-hundred, I ask for help getting a parking spot closest to the Walmart entrance but generally, I don’t ask for too much help until one night I found myself in a situation where my gut was telling me something was about to happen…

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Living with Metcap or Wynn in Toronto – I’m bugging out!

For anyone who wants to live in a Toronto apartment building, closer to the lake at a fairly good price with a good amount of space, you’re looking at moving into bug ridden apartment buildings with owners that don’t care to fix the issues. Since moving to Toronto about 13 years ago, I’ve live in three different apartment buildings. The first one was downtown, clean as could be and expensive as hell.

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