2 simple ways to add relaxation into your life.

A large percentage of adults in this world are stressed out and unfortunately, so are kids. I see a lot of posts around the internet telling people simple ways to allow less stress into your life and to ways to destress but a lot of those ways just don’t work because the stress just comes back. I speak of this because I have tried these techniques with fail except for two:

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Music | Teaching kids it’s rude to talk about Uranus.

Recently I heard my daughter singing; not something that’s out of the norm but what caught me off guard one day while driving to Walmart was the lyrics coming out of her mouth that went like this:

It’s rude, it’s rude, it’s very, very rude…to talk about your anus, to talk about your anus.

After listening to her say it over and over again, I finally asked her,

“What….how….where did you hear that from?”

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